8 principles of a good oral communicator essay

Understanding Human Communication 8ed. This course explores effective communication in one-to-one, small group, and one-to-many settings.

8 principles of a good oral communicator essay

Volume Duration These are basic attention-getting qualities used all the time by professional persuaders.

Essay on Communication

While they won't guarantee that your message will be persuasive, they will increase the chances that your message will gain the attention of your audience, so that the content of your message will have a chance. While these qualities can attract attention, one must use them carefully.

Extreme use too loud, too bright, overuse of novel characteristics can actually repel your intended audience. For some audiences, the message must be culturally adapted in order to attract attention. A certain ethnic group may react positively to loud music and bright colors, a tactic that may not be effective in the elderly population, for example.

Businesspeople may not tune in to a message containing images of teenage celebrities or pop music. Research strongly suggests that, in most cases, the more often a message is repeated, the more readily it is believed. The first time you hear an unfamiliar argument The school year should be days long; Listening to techno music improves your concentration; We need to defend our country against terrorist attackyou may not be inclined to accept it.

8 principles of a good oral communicator essay

But the 20th time you hear it, especially if it comes from several different credible sources, its persuasive value tends to increase, over and above the merits of the argument itself. Skilled persuaders of all kinds know and utilize this strategy, even if their motives may sometimes be suspect.

Offers benefits or rewards to your intended audience. In short, people can be persuaded if there's something in it for them. They will get, or believe they will get, some benefit from buying in to the message or acting a certain way.

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What kinds of benefits are used by persuaders? A short list would include: Physical safety Psychological security self-esteem, confidence Food or drink free meal for participating in an event Money or material goods free key-chain or t-shirt for attending, money toward opening a savings account Social approval, status, power, or authority name in a program for donating to a cause, honorary title Abstract attributes, such as helpfulness, fairness, or justice "By acting this way, you are helping children in your neighborhood," "Your participation ensures that justice will be done.

Sometimes one benefit alone will suffice. And the benefit does not actually have to be directly provided; it can be promised, or even implied. What benefits should you offer? This should depend on the audience you are addressing.

A skilled persuader will know as much as possible about one's prospective audience in advance, so that benefits can be offered which meet their particular needs. If you do this activity, your children will be healthier. Your neighbors will approve of you.

Your tax rate will go down. You will look years younger. Our community will feel good about itself. New jobs will be created. You will learn a new money-making skill. These are all examples of benefits, which can, for the right people and under the right circumstances, be very persuasive.

Is paired with something else which is valued or rewarding. Your audience may not perceive much benefit in what you are supporting, or may simply not believe the benefit will occur.

But, if your message is linked with something unquestionably rewarding, or someone unquestionably admired, both the benefit value and the persuasive impact will go up.

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The principle is one of simple pairing. This is part of the reason why community events are often accompanied by refreshments; food and drink are rewarding. It's also part of the reason why attractive models are so commonly presented together with the persuader's message: Your headache can vanish in just the same way.

· For good or evil: Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing (Proverbs ).

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit (Proverbs ).initiativeblog.com /biblical-principles-godly-verbal-communication.

· These nonverbal messages usually convey the feelings of the communicator more truthfully than do his words, because people have less awareness of their body language (Postman, ).


Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper Other skills include good listening skills to listen openly to initiativeblog.com?id=  · Effective communication essay - Words Effective Communication Effective communication is a very important part of the lives of everyday people There are many things that good communication can initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com  · Essay on Communication.

Article shared by: Hovland, on the other hand, defined it as ‘a process by which an individual communicator transmits to modify the behaviour of other individuals’. Warner Weaver, going one step further, considers communication as ‘the procedure by which one mind can affect another’.

It can be either oral initiativeblog.com  · Good communication skills are a prerequisite for professionals, in all walks of life.

For example: Ineffective communication, rather than incompetence, precludes the doctor from conveying to the patient that the former has the best interests of the patient in initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com 8 Principles of a Good Oral Communicator Consider the presentation of Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship early in the play, in particular, how does Shakespeare make Act two Scene 3 initiativeblog.com

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