An analysis of the positive and negative aspects of vegan diet

In the United States, a number of people go on a raw food diet in order to lose weight and become healthier. The Risk of Nutritional Deficiency Eating only raw foods can lead one to be deficient in certain nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron and vitamin B A study done on dieters who eat only raw foods showed an increased level of homocysteine and a decreased level of HDL cholesterol, which is a result of an deficiency of vitamin B

An analysis of the positive and negative aspects of vegan diet

Vitamin B12 deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency can be extremely serious and lead to megaloblastic anemianerve degeneration and irreversible neurological damage.

You can be on a plant-based diet for health reasons, but you can’t be a *vegan* for health reasons as there is no health improvement in refusing to wear animals or use animals as entertainment, which is . Vitamin B12 helps your body produce red blood cells. However, this vitamin occurs naturally in animal products alone, so following a strict vegetarian diet can put you at risk for a deficiency, as well as increase your risk of developing anemia. Other signs of a B12 deficiency include numbness, fatigue, diarrhea, nervousness or a shortness of initiativeblog.comd: Jun 17, The article also noted a meta-analysis of studies which found a vegan diet – the primary type of raw food diet – increased death rates from heart disease compared to a vegetarian diet .

Eggs are a source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians. Generally, humans need 2. Soybeans and barley seeds from plants grown in soils amended either with cow dung which is rich in B12 or with pure B12 had a higher B12 content than those grown without this supplementation.

An analysis of the positive and negative aspects of vegan diet

Vegetarian diets can be low in omega-3 fatty acids O3FAs. Major vegetarian O3FA sources include algaehempseeds and hempseed oilwalnutsflaxseeds and flaxseed oilolive oilcanola oilavocadoand chia seeds.


A potential problem is that vegetarian diets lacking eggs or generous amounts of edible seaweed generally lack a direct source of long-chain O3FAs such as eicosapentaenoic acid EPA and docosahexaenoic acid DHA. There is only weak evidence that O3FAs benefit cardiovascular health, [30] and although O3FAs have been thought useful for helping to alleviate dementiaas of [update] there is no good evidence for their effectiveness in this regard.

Vitamin C is an iron absorption enhancer; the main inhibitors for most people are phytates e.

An analysis of the positive and negative aspects of vegan diet

In humans, iron is an essential component of proteins involved in the transport of oxygen of red blood cells. Iron also helps regulate cell growth and cellular differentiation.

Zinc deficiency Western vegetarians and vegans have not been found to suffer from overt zinc Zn deficiencies any more than those who eat meat.

Iodine deficiency One study reported a "potential danger of [iodine] I deficiency disorders due to strict forms of vegetarian nutritionespecially when fruits and vegetables grown in soils with low [iodine] levels are ingested.

Other significant vegetarian sources of iodine include edible seaweed and bread made with dough conditioners.Apr 02,  · What are the Positives & Negatives of a vegetarian diet? Follow. 13 answers What are some positive and negative aspects of a vegetarian diet?

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Would a vegetarian diet be more efficient in gaining muscle than a vegan diet Status: Resolved. Mar 24,  · Typical aspects of a vegan diet (high fruit and vegetable intake, low sodium intake, and low intake of saturated fat) contributed substantially to the total score, independent of the indexing system used.

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Dow Jones, a News Corp company Would We Be Healthier With a Vegan Diet? WSJ Membership. WSJ+. May 12,  · Some nutrition experts feel that veganism may lead to certain negative health effects. Vitamin B Because the only natural sources of Vitamin B are animal foods, vegans are at a higher risk of developing vitamin B deficiency than omnivores or lacto-ovo vegetarians.

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