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The new high struck in the four-decade-long, roller-coaster diplomacy exemplifies the golden fact that all adversities in bilateral relations can be resolved if the political urge is genuine. A veritable mountain of impossibilities was conquered. Issues once regarded as permanent fell by the wayside.

Chaudhry munir industrialist business plan

It is from Maulana Jhangvi that the LeJ derives its name.


It was formed under the leadership of Akram Lahori and Riaz Basra. He has also reportedly established a training camp in Sarobi, Afghanistan after securing support from the erstwhile Taliban regime there.

Police also recovered two Kalashnikovs and two TT pistols from the possession of Lahori, who was carrying head money of Rs five million announced by the Sindh government and another Rs five million announced by the Punjab government.

Five accomplices of Lahori were also arrested on the same day. At his arrest, a senior member of chaudhry munir industrialist business plan LeJ, Qari Ataur Rahman alias Naeem Bukhari, issued a press statement expressing the apprehension that Lahori might be killed in a "fake" encounter.

Rahman was himself later arrested from his hideout in Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Karachi. Rahman is allegedly involved in the abduction-cum-murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl. It is, however, not clear if Lahori has passed on the mantle to any one else, or continues to head the outfit while being in detention.

Lahori, according to reports of July 2, quoting senior police officials, was involved in 38 cases of sectarian killings in Sindh. Besides, he was also involved in the massacre at Imambargah Mehmoodabad and in the murder of Iranian cadets in Rawalpindi.


Lahori reportedly confessed during interrogation that he was involved in 30 cases of sectarian killings in Punjab, including those of 24 persons who were attending a Majlis in Mominpura. Also he revealed that his group had planned to kill Interior Minister Moinuddin Hiader, but due to tight security measures, murdered his brother instead.

Consequent to the death of Riaz Basra, Lahori was acting as LeJ chief and he himself reportedly monitored and perpetrated sectarian killings in Karachi where he was residing for the last one and a half years.

He was involved in more than terrorist incidents, including attacking Iranian missions, killing an Iranian diplomat Sadiq Ganji in December and targeting government officials. He was arrested and tried by a special court for Ganji's killing, but escaped during trial in from police custody while being produced in court.

Media reports said Riaz Basra, along with three of his accomplices, was killed in an encounter on May 14, The encounter occurred at Dakota, which had been targeted twice in the past by the proscribed LeJ. Basra was allegedly in police custody in Faisalabad since January and was being interrogated for the activities of his group.

Consequent to a shoot-out between the two groups the police intervened and in the ensuing encounter Basra and his associates were killed. Ghalvi asserted that the LeJ cadres had come to kill him and to emphasise his belief also pointed out that the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi had killed his brother, Mukhtar, in year Police sources said that Basra's identity was established by one of his accomplices, Kashif, who is under detention for alleged involvement in another sectarian killing.

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Ajmal assisted the police in arresting Liaquat Ali of Kehror Pucca, who was wanted for his alleged involvement in a triple murder case. After interrogating Liaquat, the police raided a number of locations in Faisalabad, Lahore, Jhang, Sargodha and certain other parts of Pakistan.

Based on information received from Ajmal and Liaquat, Riaz Basra was arrested. Basra is described as a religious fanatic with extraordinary enthusiasm. Motivated by the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and politically active sincehe contested elections to the provincial assembly from Lahore as an SSP nominee.

It is under Basra's leadership that the LeJ rose to become the most dreaded sectarian terrorist outfit in Pakistan. The intensity of its threat was such that Nawaz Sharief, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was served a threatening letter by Basra, stopped attending open courts.

The entire leadership of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi consists of Jehadis who fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. A majority of its cadres are drawn from the numerous Sunni madrassas seminaries in Pakistan.

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Media reports indicate that the LeJ is an amalgam of loosely co-ordinated sub-units in various parts of Pakistan, particularly in the districts of Punjab with autonomous chiefs for each sub-unit.

Another top LeJ terrorist, Malik Ishaque, currently under detention, was the chief of the units in Faisalabad, Multan and Bahawalpur divisions and in Bhakkar district. The success of most of its terrorist operations is attributed to its multi-cellular structure, whereby the outfit is divided into small groups that are not in constant contact with each other.

The LeJ is organized into small cells of approximately five to eight cadres each, who operate independently of the others. Individual LeJ cadres are reportedly unaware of the number of cells in existence similar to their own or the structure of operations.

After carrying out an attack LeJ cadres often disperse and then reassemble at the various training camps to plan future operations.

The split reportedly occurred due to differences between the two over resumption of ethnic strife, which had receded after the military coup in Pakistan in October While Basra favoured resumption of terrorist attacks against Shia targets in order to force the government to comply with the demands of the outfit, Talha opposed the plan as he reportedly felt it was suicidal not only for the organization but also for national solidarity.

Talha based his opinion on the assumption that, with a military regime in power, any armed activity would invite stern action against the LeJ.The One Unit Plan merged the western provinces of Balochistan, the NorthWest Frontier Province, Punjab, and Sindh into a single administrative unit named West Pakistan, which in the new Legislative Assembly was to have parity with the more populous province of East Pakistan.

In his complaint, Ahmed said that while he originally belonged to Khairpur Tehsil, District Muzaffargarh, he and his family were presently residing at the mansion of Chaudhry Fida Hussain of Gujar Khan.

He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, USA and also studied Public Administration at Cambridge University, UK; Transportation Management at the University of British Columbia, Canada and is a fellow of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank.

Mr. Karim is the Founder President of the Foundation for Higher Education and the Institute of Business Management. Action Plan to promote workplace safety, health launched in Sindh; industrialist and business tycoon Chaudhry Munir from Rahimyar Khan has given Rs20 million as donation in the Punjab government’s relief fund.

Mian Mansha of Mansha Group, who is the richest Pakistani and runs several business companies, has also pledged Rs10 .

chaudhry munir industrialist business plan

Business; Magazines; Wedding of PM’s granddaughter on Saturday. Nikah of the daughter of Maryam Nawaz Sharif with known industrialist Chaudhry Munir’s son Raheel Munir has already been. Umar Cheema, 34, a reporter for The News, was kidnapped and beaten on the outskirts of Islamabad on Sept.

4 after having written several articles that were critical of the Pakistani Army.

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