Existentialism does life have meaning essay

One explanation for this may be that Sartre himself came to regret the publication of the book and later repudiated parts of it.

Existentialism does life have meaning essay

I did this for a school essay project. I see others paradoxically killed for the ideas and illusions that give them a reason for living. Why do we live? Almost everyone will question themselves at some point in their lives about their meaning or purpose in life.

For some, life without meaning is equivalent to death, that is if life has no meaning, why bother living when eventually, you know you are going to die? Over the years, philosophers have been preoccupied with finding an answer to the meaning of life.

I shall focus on three major philosophical views in my essay — Theism, Nihilism and Existentialism. I will also discuss my personal opinions on the meaning of life. Theism is the belief, in one or more gods as the creator s and ruler s of the universe, without rejection of revelation.

Some examples of theism include religions like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. In Theism, it is believed that God, an omnipotent and omniscient entity, gives meaning to man, his creation.

God is the creator of the universe and has control over our destiny in life. Believers of theism require strong faith.

Another important aspect of Theism is that there is existence of a spiritual and physical world. We are currently in the physical world, when we die, we will transcend to the spiritual world and live our Existentialism does life have meaning essay.

In most religions, there is a concept of heaven and hell whereby those who do good deeds will proceed to heaven whilst those who commit evil will go to hell when they die. This view satisfied the question of the meaning of life as people who believe in this, have a purpose, that is to do as what God wills them to do, and to go to heaven.

In other words, Theism is the belief in an afterlife where one shall find eternal satisfaction. Nihilism, founded by Friedrich Nietzsche who lived in the 19th century, is the view that there is no God or afterlife.

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He believed that people should live their lives fully in the world, and figure out how best to live their lives in a Godless, meaningless world. Nietzsche believed that one should create his own individual values as there are no definite values put in place by some higher order in life.

In Existentialism, the individual is the unique and creates his own meaning in life as he is free to do as he chooses. Theism is the view that a supreme higher order gives meaning to our lives.

Nihilism is the view that life has no meaning and we should just live whichever way we want our lives to be. Existentialism is the view that life has meaning and we create the meaning of our lives.

I do not subscribe to Theism even though I once believed in God. Somehow, I think that the idea of an afterlife is a way people use to delude themselves about the meaning of their lives.

I think that it is the refusal to believe life ceases the moment one dies that leads to the concept of an afterlife. As I delved more, I think that believing in a higher entity and afterlife is just an avenue for not realizing the truth that there is no life beyond death.

I also do not subscribe to Nihilism either as I believe life has a meaning.

Existentialism does life have meaning essay

If life had no meaning in the first place, how did the human race advanced so far? I believe that it is because of life that we are here, doing the things we want to do. According to the nihilistic view, life has no purpose either. However, if life has no purpose, why are we still living when life is the same as death?

I seem to frequently question myself, is life a job? When we grow up from young, we all have responsibilities to fulfill. As a child, I am to study well. As an adult, I am to earn money to support my family. As a parent, I have to take care of my children and make sure they do not learn the wrong values.

At any stage in our life, we always have responsibilities to fulfill and work to do. Why are we going through all these stages in life for? Sometimes, I wish I could just abandon all my responsibilities and just quit the long job of life, staying at home and relaxing.

However, this will not work.Existentialism is defined as a belief in which an individual is ultimately in charge of placing meaning into their life, and that life alone is meaningless.

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They do not believe in any sort of ultimate power and focus much of their attention on concepts such as dread, boredom, freedom and nothingness. The lack of faith that some people have in individuals is absurd. Though most of that is true, some of it is not.

It all circles back to the theory of existentialism and putting a . Existentialism: Does Life Have Meaning? Essay. Most people would wish to believe that their life has some sort of significance or intent.

However how this significance in life is obtained can do some differing positions. One may believe that they were born with a intent in life and the other may believe that it is their ain duty to give their. - Existentialism is the title of the set of philosophical ideals that emphasizes the existence of the human being, the lack of meaning and purpose in life, and the solitude of human existence.

Existentialism maintains existence precedes essence: This implies that the human being has no essence, no essential self, and is no more that what he is. Essay on Existentialism Impacts the Meaning of Life; Essay on Existentialism Impacts the Meaning of Life.

Words 6 Pages. Show More. Imagine living in a world that was black, white, apathetic, and just overall meaningless. Take in the consideration that life right now, was utterly different.

Atheistic Existentialism - Life Domains Essay.

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