Iah201 assignment5

Assignment 5 Goals The goal of this assignment is to work with time series data and perform sampling, aggregation, and visualization tasks. Instructions Use Python in the Jupyter Notebook environment for this assignment. The data records the counter values for entrances and exits through particular turnstiles. Generally, these are recorded at four-hour intervals, but the time of the recordings may vary among the different turnstiles.

Iah201 assignment5

A person employed in the competitive service for other than temporary, term, or indefinite employment is appointed as a career or career-conditional employee subject to the probationary period required by subpart H of this part.

Except as provided in paragraph c of this section, an employee must serve at least 3 years of creditable service as defined in paragraph b of this section to become a career employee. Unless otherwise approved by OPMthe service required for career tenure must include service as described in paragraph b 1 of this section and total at least 3 years.

To be creditable, the 3 years of service must begin with one of the following: For this purpose, nontemporary appointment includes a career-conditional appointment.

The 3 years may also begin, but not end, with status quo employment under subpart G of part of this chapter, an overseas limited appointment of indefinite duration, or an overseas limited term appointment under part of this chapter.

The 3 years also may have begun with permanent employment under now obsolete appointing authorities such as probational, war service indefinite, emergency indefinite, nontemporary appointment from a civil service register to a position in the excepted service before January 23,temporary appointment pending establishment of a register also known as TAPER authoritynontemporary Iah201 assignment5 to a position in the District of Columbia Government before January 23,and appointment based on Public Law Determinations of whether an obsolete authority provides the basis for creditable service may be obtained from Iah201 assignment5 ; Iah201 assignment5 Nontemporary appointment to an excepted positionprovided the employee 's excepted position was brought into the competitive service and, on that basis, the employee acquired competitive status or was converted to a career-conditional appointment; iii Nontemporary appointment to a nonappropriated fund NAF position in or under the Department of Defense or in or under the U.

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An individual may attain career tenure only Iah201 assignment5 employed or reemployed in a permanent appointment in the competitive service that provides or leads to competitive status. An employee 's creditable service must total at least 3 years, under the following conditions: A Full-time service, and part-time service on or after July 1,are counted as calendar time from the date of appointment to date of separation.

B Intermittent service on or after July 1,is counted as 1 day for each day an employee is in pay status, regardless of the number of hours for which the employee is actually paid on a given day.

The service requirement may not be satisfied in less than 3 years of calendar time. An agency may not credit periods of nonpay status and time off the rolls except as follows: A Credit the first 30 calendar days of each period of nonpay status on the rolls during full-time employment, or during part-time employment on or after July 1, Nonpay status in excess of 30 days is not creditable.

B Credit periods of nonpay status and time off the rolls incident to entry into and return from military service and return from defense transferprovided the person is reemployed in Federal service during the period of his or her statutory or regulatory restoration or reemployment rights.

C Credit periods of nonpay status and time off the rolls incident to transfer to and return from an international organization, provided the person is reemployed in Federal service under subpart C of part of this chapter.

D Credit periods of nonpay status during which an employee was eligible to receive continuation of pay or injury compensation from the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs. Also credit periods of time off the rolls during which an employee was eligible to receive injury compensation from the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, provided the person is reemployed under part of this chapter.

E Credit up to 30 calendar days for time off the rolls that follows separation by reduction in force of employees who are eligible for entry on the reemployment priority list under subpart B of part of this chapter, provided the person is reemployed in Federal service during the period of his or her reemployment priority.

G Credit periods of nonpay status incident to an assignment to a Statelocal, or Indian tribal government, institution of higher education, or other eligible organization provided the employee returns to a creditable appointment pursuant to an agreement established under subchapter VI of chapter 33, title 5, U.

Based on a finding made on or after March 30,that a furlough, suspensionor separation was unwarranted or improper, an employee restored to duty receives full calendar time credit for the period of furlough, suspensionor separation for which he or she is eligible to receive back pay.

If the employee is restored to duty at a date later than the original adverse action, credit for intervening periods of nonpay status is given in accordance with other provisions of this subsection. If the employee had been properly separated from the rolls of the agency before a finding was made that the adverse action was unwarranted or improper, the correction and additional service credit given the employee may not extend beyond the date of the proper separation.

Certain types of service that ordinarily are not creditable are counted when they intervene between two periods of creditable service.

Under these conditions, credit each period of service: A In the excepted service of the Federal executive branch, including employment in nonappropriated fund positions in or under any Federal agency ; B Under temporary, term, or other nonpermanent employment in the Federal competitive service; C In the Senior Executive Service; D In the Federal legislative branch; E In the Federal judicial branch; F In the armed forces; G In the District of Columbia Government through December 31, For an employee on the District rolls on December 31,who converted on January 1,to the District independent personnel system, credit is also given for service between January 1,and September 25, The service requirement for career tenure does not apply to: It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly.

More limitations on accuracy are described at the GPO site.IAH 0ffice: Linton Hall phone: Phone for leaving messages: IAH , The US and the World, offers students common opportunities to explore the unities and diversities of the American experience using historical, literary, and other materials.

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Iah201 assignment5

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