Literary analysis essay in another country

An essay that analyzes point of view puts forth some sort of position or an argument.

Literary analysis essay in another country

Nick is dubious of the machine and the therapy, as is a friend of his, an Italian major who is also undergoing therapy with a machine that exercises his hand that was injured in an industrial accident.

Literary analysis essay in another country

Four other young men, Italian soldiers, are also using therapy machines, and they brag about the medals that they've received for their valor in battle. In contrast, the major never brags about his own bravery.

He is deeply depressed and finally reveals to Nick that his young wife has just died. Analysis As noted elsewhere, the Nick Adams stories were not published in chronological order, paralleling Nick Adams' maturing from a small boy to a mature adult.

This story, for instance, appeared in the issue of Scribner's magazine, some two to four years after "Indian Camp," the first of the Nick Adams stories to appear. Here, the narrator is unnamed, and early critics didn't associate this narrator with Nick Adams, but subsequent critics agree that the main character is indeed the Nick Adams of the other stories, the Nick Adams who will go to the Big Two-Hearted River to fish and forget his war experiences and try to heal his physical and psychological wounds.

When the story was Literary analysis essay in another country published, many readers were puzzled about what this story was about.

Later critics have even wondered if this is the major's story or the narrator's story.

Literary Analysis Essay In Another Country

Read within the context of the other Nick Adams stories, this question is easily solved. From the other stories, we realize that Nick Adams is honest, virile, and, more important, a person of extreme sensitivity.

By observing the particular state of mind of the young narrator at the beginning of the story, we see that what happens to the major makes a tremendous impact on the young, wounded soldier. The narrator's sensitivity is keenly presented by the way in which he observes his surroundings.

It begins with one of Hemingway's simple, perfect sentences — a sentence that could not have been written by anyone else: The deer hung stiff and heavy and empty.

The Code in Hemingway’s “In Another Country”

It was warm, standing in front of her charcoal fire, and the chestnuts were warm afterwards in your pockets. Structurally, Hemingway creates three recurrent ideas: Nick's break with society; the subsequent establishment of his "code"; and the wound, which influences the first two factors.

Nick's wound, while not always displayed or talked about, nevertheless plays a central role in this story. Nick will be the prototype for many of Hemingway's later characters.

Wounded, Nick feels that the three Italians with medals are "hunting hawks," men who lived by the importance attached to their medals.

In contrast, the major who has many medals never talks about them. Additionally, Nick feels that he has not served as a participant in the war.

He feels alienated from the three "hawks" and aligns himself with the young soldier who was wounded in the face, who was not at the front "long enough to be tested.

Then the story shifts, and we meet the major, undergoing physical therapy and using a machine nearby the machine that Nick is using. The major represents the older, established "code hero"; Nick is the initiate who will learn from the major's reactions to war, to the machines, and to death. Like many future Hemingway heroes, the major has been at the top of his craft; he was once the finest fencer in Italy, but now his fencing hand is wounded, stunted, and withered.

Furthermore, the major has been awarded three medals and yet never mentions them because he does not believe in touting bravery. In contrast to the three young "hawks" who brag about their medals, Nick doesn't feel comfortable bragging about his medals.

In Another Country

He is drawn to the major, who is obviously a brave man but doesn't talk about it. Furthermore, the major does not believe in the so-called therapeutic success of the machines, yet he continues to come to the hospital and use them.

Nick does not understand this contradiction at first because, for the major, the machines represent a discipline that is necessary for the Hemingway code hero. In a similar way, the major insists that Nick speak Italian that is grammatically correct.

This is another type of discipline, and the major spends a good deal of time correcting Nick's grammar. The major is sardonic about doctors; his comments are filled with veiled contempt. When a doctor tells Nick that he will play football again, the major wants to know if he too will ever play football again.A Guide to Writing the Literary Analysis Essay.

I. INTRODUCTION: the first paragraph in your essay. It begins creatively in order to catch your reader’s interest, provides essential background about the literary work, and Eventually nineteen were hanged, and another was.

Literary analysis essay in another country

Effects of War in "In Another Country" by Earnest Hemingway Essay - The short story “In Another Country” by Earnest Hemingway is a story about the negative effects of war.

Free Another Country papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned [tags: American Literature] Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. In Another Country of Hemingway In this country analysis of culture gazes at a country still primitive in some areas, and is also considered a country of immigrants.

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