Motorola and nokia company financial analysis

Fort Worth, TX Motorola, post-split[ edit ] In JanuaryMotorola split into two separate companies, each still using the word Motorola as part of its name. One company, Motorola Solutions using a blue version of the Motorola logois based in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, Illinois, and concentrates on police technologies, radios, and commercial needs.

Motorola and nokia company financial analysis

Nokia played a big part in the development of GSM wireless technology, a global phone standard still used today. He set up the company's internal manufacturing supply chain, allowing it to quickly and efficiently build its own phones. The cellphone industry was highly fragmented with multiple vendors who looked at the market on a country-by-country basis.

Nokia was one of the first to view the global market as a whole, building phones that worked in many countries at once. But at the same time, it recognized the importance of reaching every price tier.

It established a strong presence in high-end Western markets, and saw one of its phone featured in films such as "The Matrix. InNokia overthrew Motorola to become the world's largest phone manufacturer. By the time I purchased the a year later, Nokia supplied a little more than one out of every four phones in the market.

The phones looked great. And Nokia did a lot of work to reduce the size with each new generation. The Finnish design Motorola and nokia company financial analysis worked for consumers.

While the company experimented with multiple designs, its engineers were wedded to the "candy bar" look. That stubborn refusal to change the design turned out to be the first crack in its dominance. Rise of the Razr While most of the world was gobbling up Nokia's steady menu of candy bar-shaped cellphones, consumers in North America began eyeing flip phones, handsets with a clamshell design.

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Motorola, mounting a comeback of its own, led the charge for flip phones, and cemented the trend with the debut of the ultra-slim Razr in late It remains one of the most successful cellphones ever, reigning as a top seller for nearly three years. By the time I purchased a Razr through Verizon Wireless, the model was almost two years old.

Motorola and nokia company financial analysis

I was still excited to own one. And it had been years since I thought about Nokia. CNET Nokia refused to succumb to the whims of a select region, instead pressing on with its candy bar designs featuring higher-end components such as metal ball-bearings found in luxury cars.

I asked Nokia executives about the possibility of a flip phone several times in those years. They dismissed it as a fad. Hyers recalled that a Nokia executive complained about how he couldn't open it up with a single hand.

Meanwhile, the analyst and his colleagues were all using flip phones which they had little trouble operating with one hand. It was at this point that Nokia largely abandoned the US market.

The US carriers were increasingly looking for vendors to supply customized phones, a request that upstarts Samsung and LG were all too happy to fill. The carriers backed away from Nokia, which maintained a niche presence in the US through a handful of boutique stores. But in the US, it was largely ignored because the carriers refused to sell it.

Motorola, fueled by the Razr, had taken the crown in the US, and then-Motorola CEO Ed Zander believed he had enough momentum to realistically gun for Nokia's global leadership position. Ultimately, Motorola failed to build upon the success of the Razr.

Nokia's decision to abandon the US market didn't have any immediate consequence; it continued to gain market share around the world and hit its peak until the second half of That was after the release of Apple's first iPhone.

Apple's smartphone revolution Contrary to public misperception, Apple did not invent the smartphone. Before Steve Jobs' touchscreen powerhouse came on the scene, Nokia was the leader in the smartphone business, owning roughly half the market. But what the iPhone brought to the market was a new sense of what a smartphone could do, and who could benefit from such a device: Apple led the charge in turning the smartphone into a consumer device from one primarily used in a corporate setting, a notion that then-Research in Motion had scratched at the year before with its compact and consumer friendly BlackBerry Pearl.

In comparison, the slew of smartphones in the market worked on older, clunky operating systems. Nokia's Symbian software was no different, and it was starting to show its age just as the iPhone, and later Google's Android operating system, began to take off.

Still, Nokia refused to jump on the touchscreen bandwagon, again showing its inability to adapt to new trends.View Motorola Solutions, Inc. MSI investment & stock information. Get the latest Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Motorola and nokia company financial analysis

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Before , Motorola is the worlds largest mob’ ile phone manufacturer, and Nokia has been in hot pursuit of it.

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