National service bring more advantages than disadvantages in malaysia

This gives them many benefits, such as access to the world market, cheap labour, cheaper production costs, and therefore greater profits. The headquarters of the company remains in its original country, usually one of the most developed countries in the world, such as the UK or USA.

National service bring more advantages than disadvantages in malaysia

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Updated on November 7, more Since completing university, Paul has worked as a librarian, teacher, and freelance writer.

Born in the UK, he currently lives in Florida. Florida is a major tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. The state continues to thrive, thanks in part to the substantial income generated by tourists.

Source So many places in the world rely heavily on tourism as a key source of income and employment nowadays, as well as a way of showing off national and local heritage, plus perceived successes. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems too, especially if it is not managed correctly.

A constant flow of foreign visitors can, for instance, undermine the beauty, uniqueness, character, and social coherence of a tourist destination over time.

National service bring more advantages than disadvantages in malaysia

It is easy to underestimate the scale of world tourism without being aware of the figures. There were estimated to be around million international tourist arrivals In — this is nearly a 5 percent increase on the numbers in the previous year. Travelers in those sorts of numbers can easily present huge challenges and problems for many destinations, including transport, places to stay, policing, and maintenance.

This article lists the main advantages and disadvantages of tourism. I don't look down on tourism. I live in Hawaii where we have 7 million visitors a year. If they weren't there, there would be no economy. So I understand why a tourist economy is necessary. Cities such as London generate enormous amounts of income from the tourist industry.

European countries generally have the infrastructure to cope with high numbers, some poorer countries struggle. Source In the middle ages people were tourists because of their religion, whereas now they are tourists because tourism is their religion. This is probably the main advantage of tourism and the reason why it has been promoted so much in recent years in developing countries especially.

Whether in developing or developed countries, the income generated can make up a significant proportion of the national income. It provides jobs for the locals. Hotels, bars, transport, shops, and restaurants all need staffing. Tourism can provide much-needed employment for people.

It raises the profile of the place generally. Tourism gives the locality a chance to show itself off and raise its profile in the world. It can provide a incentive for investment in infrastructure such as roads and rail networks, as well as funding local medical and education facilities.

National service bring more advantages than disadvantages in malaysia

It can provide economic incentives for a place to preserve, regenerate, and provide upkeep in their urban and wildlife areas. Visitors promote international links, which can provide more business and cultural connections in the medium to long term.

Bangkok, Thailand, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Bangkok is famous for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks, and its notorious red-light district. Source Did You Know? The global phenomenon of poverty tourism - or 'poorism' - has become increasingly popular during the past few years.

Tourists pay to be guided through the favelas of Brazil and the shantytowns of South Africa. The recently opened Los Angeles Gang Tour carries visitors through battle-scarred territories of urban violence and deprivation. Even if tourists behave responsibly, the sheer number of the them can cause problems.What are advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

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In generally, globalization has give advantage to company such as opportunity of develop new market for consumers have more variance choose the best quality product.

National service can bring many advantages to the community and also for the nation. First and foremost, it can help bring unity among different races especially in Malaysia. There will be a close contact among each other during their training period. Therefore, national service can also play a main role in bringing unity among citizens.

Moreover, national service also is the way to get disciplined.3/5(3). Advantages and Disadvantages of traveling to Malaysia Pro: Borneo Borneo may have become more tourist-friendly over the years, but it still rewards travelers willing to make the trip of jungles and beaches. Although it is shared between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, Borneo still has a lot to offer, such as the 4, meter high Mount Kinabalu.

Oct 08,  · The disruption of life for two years. The National Service pay which was lower than that of the Regulars even though we were doing the same job and exposed to the same hazards What were . Oct 08,  · Maybe, but by broadening what people do in the National Service, could help them into careers, maybe consider it a bit more like an apprenticeship and helping the community at the same time.

Most national services e.g. NHS, Police, etc, do include good training and discipline. At present, Thai league clubs have more than foreign players on their books, from around the world, including Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Finland and Laos.

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