One lightning corp business presentation

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One lightning corp business presentation

The latest to be hit is One Lightning Corporation, a Filipino-owned marketing company founded only in It is primarily engaged in the marketing of beauty, skin, and personal care products, food supplements, and healthy beverages. In its second advisory issued March 11, SEC said that based on its investigation, One Lightning is offering different product packages.

Red flags Personal finance guru Randell Tiongson said that fraudulent companies at present have evolved, as some have registered with the government and also have products to sell. The products they offer should also be examined for proper licensing or permission to be publicly offered.

In the case of One Lightning, it is SEC-registered, but it does not have the necessary permission to offer investment products, Tiongson pointed out in his blog post. In a letter to its distributors posted on its Facebook page, One Lightning also said it is preparing for a meeting with SEC on Monday, March 16, regarding the issues arising from its conduct of business.

Meanwhile, another popular multi-level marketing firm, Royale Business Clubis facing tax evasion charges worth P Thus, Tiongson stressed that it is important for consumers to be very cautious with financial decisions they make, especially when dealing with investment opportunities that are mostly being marketed online.

This need for prudent financial decision-making, however, is not limited to investments.

one lightning corp business presentation

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one of English's power point presentation, it is about LIGHTNING Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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one lightning corp business presentation


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