Prasanna chaporkar thesis

Research tries to analyse how vistas direct directionality of movement in the space, with Horizon as the reference datum.

Prasanna chaporkar thesis

We study the problem of approximating the family of hard-decision frequency-shift keying demodulated correlated flat Rician fading channels via a recently introduced queue-based channel QBC model for binary communication channels with memory.

Numerical results indicate that the QBC Prasanna chaporkar thesis a good approximation of the fading channels for a wide range of channel conditions. Furthermore, it estimates the noise ACF more accurately than the finite-state Markov models that have been recently studied by Pimentel et al.

Show Context Citation Context The model proposed in [23] attracted much attention because it has a good balance between accuracy and complexity. It was applied to the evaluation of system-related channel properties such as the Power optimal scheduling for guaranteed throughput in multi-access fading channels by Prasanna Chaporkar, Kimmo Kansanen, Ralf R.

A power optimal scheduling algorithm that guarantees desired throughput and bounded delay to each user is developed for fading multi-access multi-band systems. The optimization is over the joint space of all rate allocation and coding strategies. The proposed scheduling assigns rates on each band ba The proposed scheduling assigns rates on each band based only on the current system state, and subsequently uses optimal multi-user signaling to achieve these rates.

The scheduling is computationally simple, and hence scalable. Due to uplink-downlink duality, all the results extend in straightforward fashion to the broadcast channels. Index Terms Power minimization, scheduling, stability, convex optimization, super-position encoding and Show Context Citation Context Let N0 denote the noise power spectral efficiency.

Prasanna chaporkar thesis

Let Rk,m t denote the service rate for user k on sub-band m in slot t. Abstract — In this work, we propose an error-control technique for efficient streaming of packetized multimedia over timevarying wireless channels. Our objective is to obtain maximum media presentation quality for a given channel capacity.

In the proposed technique, forward error correction FEC re In the proposed technique, forward error correction FEC redundancy rate of media packets are optimized based on a distortion model. Such multimedia-source and channel characteristics as the packet importance, dependencies, decoding deadlines and channel state information are utilized in the optimization process.

In addition, we also consider the effect of residual channel resources for future transmissions on the overall quality. Real-time streaming simulations with H. Each range is mapped into a channel state.

Several methodologies can be used for partitioning the SNR e. Each channel state corresponds to an average BER value.

Client measures the signal SNR, determines the current state, and sends the state informat Capacity performance analysis of coherent detection in correlated fading channels using finite-state Markov models by Parastoo Sadeghi, Predrag Rapajic - in Proc.

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VTC" Abstract — In this paper, an information theoretic approach is taken to the problem of joint channel estimation and coherent data detection in time varying flat fading channels.

At the receiver side, the fading phase process is partitioned or mapped into a finite state Markov channel FSMC. Using simulation-based capacity analysis of FSMC models, accurate capacity calculation of time varying fading channels is carried out and the effect of number of channel phase partitions on the channel capacity performance is studied.

In BPSK scheme, the capacity is saturated beyond 8 to 16 channel phase partitions. The comparison reveals that to maintain the superior QPSK capacity performance, care must be taken in the choice of average transmitted power and symbol duration.

With a few exceptions [11], [12], applying the FSMC model for channel phase estimation and capacity performance analysis These codes break down when they are transmitted over channels with memory, which is in fact what real-world channels look like since errors often occur in bursts. Therefore, these systems employ interlea Therefore, these systems employ interleaving to spread the errors so that the channel looks more or less memoryless for the decoder at the cost of added delay and complexity.

In addition, they fail to exploit the memory of the channel which increases the capacity for a wide class of channels.Dual Degree Dissertation, Advisors: Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Prof. Prasanna Chaporkar, IIT Bombay The first problem in this thesis caters to finding the optimal power allocation policy in presence of these alternate energy sources.

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Joint-optimal Probing and Scheduling in Wireless Systems Prasanna Chaporkar and Alexandre Proutiere Abstract—Consider a wireless system where a sender can.

Visualizza il profilo di Indranil Mondal su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo. Indranil ha indicato 4 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo.

Guarda il profilo completo su LinkedIn e scopri i collegamenti di Indranil e le offerte di lavoro presso aziende simili. Prasanna Chaporkar of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai (IIT Bombay) with expertise in: Computer Communications (Networks) and Algorithms.

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Prasanna Chaporkar Department of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay June Dedicated to my parents i. ii. iii. patience and suggestions throughout my thesis work.

It was their motivation and inspiration which led my initial steps in research. During the.

Prasanna chaporkar thesis

Imagine a user typing on a laptop keyboard while wearing a smart watch. This paper asks whether motion sensors from the watch can leak information about what the user is typing. W.

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