Presumption of innocence 2 essay

Generally, the defendant in the proceedings will bear no legal burden at all in relation to the essential ingredients of the offence.

Presumption of innocence 2 essay

The Supreme Court Reinforces the Presumption of Innocence Imagine that you are charged with a crime, convicted, and sentenced to a term of incarceration and the payment of court costs, fines, and restitution.

Presumption of innocence 2 essay

Upon your acquittal, the court costs, fines, and restitution payments you made pursuant to your earlier sentence were refunded immediately. However, you are required to remain in prison unless and until you successfully petition the court for your release—a process requiring you to show by clear and convincing evidence that you are, in fact, factually innocent of the crime for which you already have been acquitted.

Most would agree that the state process requiring you—after you already were acquitted of your criminal charges at trial—to prove your innocence in order to Presumption of innocence 2 essay your release from prison would be a clear violation of due process. But what if the hypothetical differed in one material respect?

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Instead of remaining incarcerated after your acquittal on retrial, you are released immediately, but the court costs, fines, and restitution payments you had made are not refunded unless and until you petition the court and prove your innocence by clear and convincing evidence. Would this comport with the Due Process Clause?

This was the question confronting the U.

Presumption of innocence 2 essay

Supreme Court in Nelson v. Colorado,1 decided April 19, In Nelson, the U. The petitioners in Nelson had their Colorado state criminal convictions overturned on appeal or collateral review. Writing for the majority, Justice Ginsburg established that the procedural due process test set forth in Mathews v.

Eldridge2 was applicable in these circumstances.

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Under the three-pronged Mathews test, courts are to balance: California,4 however, the Court had illuminated an alternative test for procedural due process, which queries whether a state criminal procedural rule offended a fundamental principle of justice.

This holding certainly makes sense on both practical and constitutional grounds, and reminds us that the presumption of innocence deserves continued respect.

To be sure, there are burdens associated with being charged, even though one enjoys the presumption of innocence. One can be subjected to pre-trial detention, for example. Although the central question in Nelson focused on the presumption of innocence, as mentioned above, the case also resolved which procedural due process test applies to claims of this nature.

The application of Mathews rather than Medina could be relevant in future cases involving exonerees. The presumption of innocence, already strong in our criminal justice system,26 became a little stronger after Nelson v. Roger Fairfax is the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at The George Washington University Law School, where he teaches courses in criminal law, constitutional and adjudicatory criminal procedure, criminal litigation, and seminars on the grand jury, white-collar criminal investigations, and criminal justice policy.

His research focuses on the criminal process, the grand jury, prosecutorial ethics, and criminal justice policy and reform.


Appleby,1 the Supreme Court of Canada was once again seized with the question of an alleged conflict between the Canadian Bill of. The presumption of innocence is a useful fiction designed to give defendants a fair trial, not some universal principle that guides our everyday choices.

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Project MUSE - The Presumption of White Innocence There are two types of burdens of proof: The jury was told that what is familiarly known as the presumption of innocence in criminal cases applied to the appellant in light of his ambiguous character with less effect than it would have applied to a man whose character was not open to suspicion.
Three Branches – Two Balancing Acts I Principle of presumption of innocence:
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Congressional hearings and the presumption of innocence Bibliography Three Branches — Two Balancing Acts When the framers of the United States Constitution shaped the structure of the federal government, they struggled with two of three major issues confronting a more permanent unification of the thirteen loosely associated colonies.

The presumption of innocence presumes the defendant to be innocent until proven guilty, with the prosecution required to prove all the elements of the offence beyond reasonable doubt.

Nov 03,  · Penalty SOC Week 3 DQ 2 Future Generations and Development SOC Week 3 Rough Draft of Final Paper on Ethics Theory SOC Week 4 DQ 1 Presumption of Innocence SOC Week 4 DQ 2 Workplace Surveillance SOC Week 5 DQ 1 Victimless Crimes SOC Week 5 DQ 2 Ethical Progress SOC Week.

the presumption of innocence can be breached not only by a judge or a court but also by any other public authority, does not apply to Public Prosecutors who are engaged with the formulation of criminal charges leading to a trial.

Essays in Honour of Andrew Ashworth (Oxford: Oxford University Press, ), 3 ECHR, art 6(2). 4 Universal Declaration on Human Rights , art 11(1). 5 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms , s 11(d).


presumption of innocence is a doctrine that allocates the burden of proof in criminal.

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