Professional business report examples

Whistle-blowing covers many areas of business in every industry, including but not limited to internal discrimination, predatory sales practices and dangerous working conditions. Business owners can learn the ramifications of well-known whistleblower examples to avoid catastrophic legal and financial penalties. In her tenure at the company, Fleischmann witnessed repeated and egregious acts of securities fraud. Upon taking action, Fleischmann found herself unable to find a job in spite of her impeccable credentials.

Professional business report examples

You can instantly start using all these products and enjoy the benefits because you can download your copy immediately. Once you start using them you will find yourself amazed by its simplicity and effectiveness in creating your business reports in just a few minutes.

Absolutely no Excel skills are required to create, manage and update your Excel dashboard reports because they have been developed for managers and business professionals who need to develop effective KPIs and metrics dashboard reports.

Now, for the first time, with this exclusive limited-time offer you will download ALL of the following products: These executive-style one-page reports are excellent for getting a quick insight into your business by using the one-page business scorecard approach.

These one-page reports have excellent print quality and you can update them or create new reports by simply typing your data or just copy your data in Excel.

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You can learn more about this product here Included: All of the reports will update automatically and instantly based on your data. In addition, the interactive excel dashboard gives you the functionality to create different views of your business reports by selecting different time periods for your reports.

In a matter of seconds you can create and view your business performance for different time periods based on your needs. By using the drop-down menus you can change the view and your charts will update automatically.


Your metrics are visually displayed as dashboard gauges and you can change your dashboard display with a click of a button in excel. Now in addition to the classic excel speedometer dashboard you will get automated speedometer gauge tool allowing you to create your own online gauge dashboards by creating your HTML files for you with a single click in Excel.

With the Chart Maker you can easily convert your excel data with a click of a button into online reports and online charts. This business reporting software automatically creates HTML files based on your excel data.

You can share your business charts and reports with anyone online or offline. This excel dashboard software allows you to create your own customized excel dashboard templates.

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Unlike other excel dashboard templates, this product is a tool for creating your own professional business report templates based on your specific business needs. You can use this software and create your customized excel dashboards without having any Excel skills.

You can watch a case study and quick tutorial here or learn more about this product here New Just Added: Balanced Scorecard Report Templates: Ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard Reports for Excel — very simple and professional way to organize your Balanced Scorecard reporting by using one-page Excel scorecard reports.

This process will save you many hours of work you would spend on creating your scorecards. This product provides executive style reporting by using excel dashboard report templates. I can now create any report I need in one minute. This product by itself is worth more than the price of the entire business reporting bundle.Recent Examples on the Web: Noun.

Some financial professionals may not be able to offer certain services based on what their company allows or doesn’t allow.

professional business report examples

— Peter Dunn, USA TODAY, "Pete the Planner: Has your financial adviser failed you? 3 ways to let them know it," 13 July Mojo Hydration is a practice where a medical professional .

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professional business report examples
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