State the significance of photosynthesis and cellular respiration to all life

But did you know that without photosynthesis, the energy derived from the Sun would be wasted, leaving behind a lifeless planet? BiologyWise Staff Last Updated:

State the significance of photosynthesis and cellular respiration to all life

Z Absorption a In physiology: The loss of intensity of the radiation e. Action Potential A spontaneous self-propagating change in membrane potential that travels as a 'wave' along electrically excitable cell membranes found in neurons and muscle cells.

Action potentials are triggered when the cell's membrane potential depolarizes i.

State the significance of photosynthesis and cellular respiration to all life

The potassium efflux brings the membrane potential below the threshold and thus to rest. A new action potential can only be triggered with a new stimulus which comes from neurotransmitter activated ion channels at locations of synaptic interaction between neurons or neurons and muscle cells.

Adaptation A process in biological evolution as the result of natural selection where a species becomes better adjusted to the living conditions of its environment temperature, food sources, and predators. In adaptation, individuals that have the most offspring contribute more of their genetic makeup to the next generation.

Beneficial traits are favored in this editing process and the next generation of a species or population for instance a smaller geographical subset of a species is better adapted to new environmental conditions that caused certain individuals to have fewer offspring.

Thus genes that are not optimal for certain conditions will become rarer as a result. Adaptation, as evolution in general, is studied at the level of a population of interbreeding individuals.

Adult Stem Cell A specialized cell that is needed for growth, wound healing and tissue regeneration. Adult stem cells are found in all tissues and organs of animals and plants. Allele The genetic variant of a gene. A gene can be found in different variants in a population, even in the same individual.

Alleles are responsible for the different traits of certain characteristics, such as eye and hair color in animals, and flower and seed color in plants.

Alleles are also responsible for genetic diseases. Amino Acid Building block of proteins and enzymes. Dietary proteins need to be broken into their amino acid components before they can be used by the body.

Note that there are 20 amino acids found in proteins. Many nutritional lists describe only 18 occluding glutamine and asparagine.

Their values are included in those reported for the acidic forms glutamate and aspartate. Anabolism Biosynthesis of molecules in cells and part of metabolism.


Antioxidant A molecule that protects cells from oxidative damage of oxygen and free radical molecules that are chemically unstable and cause random reactions damaging proteins, nucleic acids, and cell membranes. Examples of dietary antioxidants are vitamins C, E, and K, and diverse plant products such as lycopene, a nutraceutical found in tomatoes.

Aperiodic Refers to the lack of symmetry in molecular structures or functions.State The Significance Of Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration To All Life.

Cellular Respiration is the process that allows organisms to use the energy stored in glucose. Photosynthesis the process by which plants, bacteria and some fungi that use energy from sunlight to produce sugar.

These two have similarities and differences, too. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are the life processes performed by most living organisms to obtain usable energy from nature. While photosynthesis is performed by most plants which can prepare their own food, most animals fulfill their energy requirements through cellular respiration.

Importance of Photosynthesis. Steps of. Jul 07,  · ☞ Cellular respiration occurs at all times. ☛ Photosynthesis involves conversion of one type of energy into another: light energy into chemical energy. ☞ Cellular respiration involves using that chemical energy and breaking it down to release energy.

☛ Photosynthesis takes place in two stages of light reactions and dark reactions. ☞ Cellular respiration involves aerobic (glycolysis) and anaerobic Status: Resolved. (used relatively in restrictive clauses having that as the antecedent): Damaged goods constituted part of that which was sold at the auction.

(used after a preposition to represent a specified antecedent): the horse on which I rode. (used relatively to represent a specified or implied antecedent) the one that; a particular one that: You may choose which you like.

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The important role of photosynthesis Photosynthesis is not just about oxygen production it is also about energy production. Posted on April 9, by Bill Cook, Michigan State University Extension.

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