The education and success of robert tryon frederick

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The education and success of robert tryon frederick

I usually rotate through different primary sources on slavery when I assign texts for this part of the survey, actually. But I came back to Douglass this semester, partially because I really liked the new Norton Critical Edition of the Narrative that recently came out it has a lot of cool additional material in thereand partially because when it really comes down to it, I love teaching this text.

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This ease of access for students allows for some good, collaborative unpacking of the text. The Narrative gives us, for example, a rich array of materials with which to consider the spectrum of slave resistance and the degree to which enslaved peoples exercised agency.

And the overseer, Mr. Austin Gore, calmly leveled his musket and shot Demby dead. Students may romantically imagine themselves fighting against enslavement, like Douglass did with Covey.

But what if Douglass who was no older than sixteen at the time lost the fight, to which he was driven more by exhausted, fearful desperation than from any heroic impulse?


The line separating the Douglasses and the Dembys was a fine one indeed. The power imbalance inherent in the master-slave relationship meant that resistance was undertaken against monstrous odds and could carry violent, perhaps deadly, consequences.

Power and morality are topics that can ensure a discussion will never go wanting, and the Narrative is an excellent entry point for students to examine the interplay of both issues in U.

The tricks that Edward Covey used to keep the enslaved workers on his farm perpetually on edge, expecting him to jump out from behind the nearest tree or the closest outbuilding, testify to how psychological forms of coercion supplemented physical violence in maintaining slavery.

Getting students to see these examples of strict limits placed on individual autonomy is an essential part of helping them understand the ways in which enslavement often worked to sap the capacity for resistance.

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Some point to his actual escape, interpreting the question in a technical, but accurate, sense. Some also point to moments where the boundaries between slavery and freedom seemed to blur for Douglass—his victory over Covey in their fight, or his hiring out for wages in Baltimore.

The scene I alluded to in the above paragraph—at the edge of the Chesapeake Bay where Douglass despairs of ever becoming free and even hints at suicide—comes after Douglass has learned to read and write.

The broader perspective that comes from learning, in this case, only serves to underscore for Douglass the abject misery of his current condition.

The education and success of robert tryon frederick

Enslavement is horrific, but a full knowledge of everything one is deprived of by being enslaved nearly undoes Douglass. And in doing so, they are not ratifying education in general, but a specific type of education in particular. I recall a conversation with a colleague who was poking fun at potential employers who say they want college graduates who can think critically.

I want critical thinkers. And students are attracted to it—learning becomes more interesting when it has the potential to subvert, to complicate, to rebel.

But the implications can be messy: In our times, the need for this type of educational vision has never been more clear.Robert Frederick Army Veteran, Your donations are tax deductible.

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The education and success of robert tryon frederick

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