The role of it in the

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The role of it in the

Now, if only there were a service feature to make it even easier for developers to assign different permissions to different users of their applications.

Developers have the ability to add users and remove users from groups and manage group permissions for sets of users. With fine-grained RBAC, a developer can map federated users to different IAM roles; this functionality is available for both user authentication using existing identity providers like Facebook or Active Directory and using Cognito User Pools.

Groups in Cognito User Pools The best way to examine the new Cognito group feature is take a walkthrough of creating a new group in the Amazon Cognito console and adding users to the different group types.

Upon selection of the menu option, a panel is presented with tabs for both User and Groups. To create my new group, I select the Create group button. A dialog box will open to allow for the creation of my group.

The role of it in the

Here I will create a group for admin users named AdminGroup. I will fill in the name for the group, provide a description for the group, and setting the order of precedence the group is ready to be created. Note that setting the numerical precedence a group determine which group permission is prioritized and therefore utilized for users that have been assigned to multiple groups.

The lower the numerical precedence the higher the prioritization of the group to be used by the user. Since this is my AdminGroup, I will give this group the precedence of zero 0. After I click the Create group button, I have successfully created my user pool group.

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Now all that is left to do is add my user s to the group. I will add my TestAdminUser to my newly created group. Once the AdminGroup details screen is shown, a click of the Add users button will bring up a dialog box displaying users within my user pool. Adding a user to this group is a straightforward process, which only requires me to selecting the plus symbol next to the username desired to be added.

Once I receive the confirmation that the user has been added to the group, the process is complete. As you can see from the walkthrough is easy for a developer to create groups in user pools. As a developer you can create, read, update, delete, and list the groups for a user pool using AWS Credentials.

Each user pool can contain up to 25 groups. Additionally, you can add users and remove users from groups within a user pool, and you can use groups to control permissions to access your resources in AWS by assigning an AWS IAM roles for the groups.

Cognito Identity assigns users a set of temporary, limited privilege credentials to access the AWS resources from your application without having to use AWS account credentials. Once in the console and selected the Cognito service, we will now select Federated Identities. I think it would be best to show Cognito user pools and Federated Identities in action while examining RBAC, so I am going to create a new identity pool that utilizes Cognito user pools as its authentication provider.

To create a new pool, I will first enter a name for my identity pool and select the Enable access to unauthenticated identities checkbox. Please note, that you must have created an app app client within your Cognito user pool in order to obtain the app client ID and to allow the app leveraging the Cognito identity pool to access the associated user pool.

The simplest way to assign different roles is by defining rules in a Cognito identity pool. Each rule specifies a user attribute or as noted in the console, a claim.

A claim is simply a value in a token for that attribute that will be matched by the rule and associated to a specific IAM role. After constructing the aforementioned policy, I will create an IAM role named, EngineersRole, which will leverage this policy. Click Edit identity pool and drop down the section for Authentication providers.

Since the authentication provider for our identity pool is a Cognito user pool, we will select the Cognito tab. Since we are establishing fine-grained RBAC for the federated identity, I will focus my attention to the Authenticated role selection section of the Authentication provider to define a rule.

In this section, click the drop down and select the option Choose role with rules. We will now setup rule with a claim an attributea value to match, and the specific IAM role, EngineersRole.

For our example, the rule I am creating will assign our specific IAM role, i. The department attribute that we are basing our rule on, is a custom attribute that I created in our user pool, TestAppPool, as shown in graphic below.

For the claim, I will type the aforementioned custom attribute, department. If a user has a matching value for the department attribute, they can assume the EngineersRole IAM role when they get credentials. After completing this and clicking the Save Changes button, I have successfully created rule that allows for users that are authenticated with our Cognito user pool who are in the Engineering department to have different permissions than other authenticated users using the application.

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