Value chain portfolio

Each one of these categories is an opportunity for a company to maximize efficiency and create a competitive advantage.

Value chain portfolio

Reflections Porter's Value Chain - Porter's Value Chain revolves around the activities that are done in order to create value for its customers.

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The amount of profit that is generated through this activities is directly related to the amount of value of the product. Porter's Value Chain consists of primary activities and supporting activities.

Theses activities relate to how a product is produced and how it is distributed to the consumer. The Supporting activities include procurement, technology development, human resource management, and firm infrastructure.

These activities are considered overhead activities and help the primary activities accomplish their tasks.


This is due to the fact that the warehouse is in charge of receiving the materials necessary to produce a product. Support activities could fall under the technology department because they are in charge of ensuring that the software and hardware being used is functional. The majority of people nowadays have some sort of computer such as a desktop, laptop, and even smartphones.

Marketing could be directly sent to these devices over the internet instead of having commercials or ads in the paper. Billboards may even disappear and be replaced with digital billboards that handle information over the cloud.

This would allow for simple customization of the content of the billboard and would be less work to change it once someone pays for the ad space.Value chain analysis is an extremely useful management tool which identifies the activities that go into creating a superior product or service that is highly valued by customers.

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Value chain portfolio

portfolio Management Processes In Figure 2 Steyn & Schmikl () distinguish between project-portfolios and cross-functional process-portfolios that exist in the organisational value chain. About Fund the People. Fund the People is the national campaign to maximize investment in the nonprofit workforce.

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Value chain portfolio

The capstone for the Value Chain Management specialization will provide a learning experience that examines how the various segments of a business integrate to create a value chain. The capstone involves an in-depth analysis of an actual business situation.

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