What the dog saw essay help

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What the dog saw essay help

Share via Email Ina history graduate at the University of Toronto upped sticks and moved to Indiana. The only thing left was writing — but it turned out that Malcolm Gladwell knows how to write. Gladwell owes his success to the trademark brand of social psychology he honed over a decade at the magazine.

His confident, optimistic pieces on the essence of genius, the flaws of multinational corporations and the quirks of human behaviour have been devoured by businessmen in search of a new guru. His skill lies in turning dry academic hunches into compelling tales of everyday life: It makes for a handy crash course in the world according to Gladwell: Times are hard, good ideas are scarce: But more about that later.

Gladwell has divided his book into three sections. The first deals with what he calls obsessives and minor geniuses; the second with flawed ways of thinking.

The third focuses on how we make predictions about people: There is depth to his research and clarity in his arguments, but it is the breadth of subjects he applies himself to that is truly impressive. He bounds along from the inventors of automatic vegetable choppers and hair dye to Cesar Millan, the American "Dog Whisperer" behind the title piece, and Nassim Taleb, the US banker who turned his nose up at the investment strategies of George Soros and Warren Buffet and made himself a pile of money.

Gladwell is more than just a people person, though. His forensic dissection of the collapse of Enron and his survey of the causes of the Challenger space shuttle disaster manage to be fresh and compelling when you could be forgiven for thinking there was nothing left to say about the events.

Inevitably this becomes the world as Gladwell sees it through the eyes of others, but his cast of characters except perhaps in the case of the dog is strong enough to withstand the filter.

The story of Murray Barr, which first appeared inis a classic. Barr is a hopeless alcoholic who lives on the streets of Reno, Nevada, and spends more weekends than not in hospital or drying out in a police cell.

He is a burden on the system, but that is the fault of the system, Gladwell argues. When he is released, he starts all over again. Surely it would be cheaper — not to say more helpful — to give people like Barr a flat of their own, he suggests, to keep a watchful eye over them rather than leave them on the streets to rack up medical bills.

Why should someone who contributes so little to society be tossed the keys to a new home? Morality prefers equity, and rewards for doing nothing are inequitable. This is what Gladwell does best: Even when the patterns he identifies are spurious or the conclusions flawed, the arguments he raises are clear, provocative and important.

Before that, Blink drew flak for urging readers to go with their gut feelings, except when their gut feelings were wrong. Both books were spun out of articles Gladwell published in the New Yorker, and it is easy to see why they met with a mixed reaction. One virtue of What the Dog Saw is that the pieces are perfectly crafted:This is an opposing view on the essay on "The Dog Delusion"," by April Pedersen.

Let's see what April has to say about dogs in her essay. The police k-9 has demonstrated its intelligence, by the drug seizures, and there are Cadaver dogs, who find the deceased, and dogs who detect explosive materials, and finally dogs that work with the /5(6). thank you so much whoever you are who uploaded this precious piece for free.

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what the dog saw essay help

Guide dogs help blind or visually impaired people. Gladwell's latest book, What the Dog Saw, bundles together his favourite articles from the New Yorker since he joined as a staff writer in It makes for a . Nov 15,  · Fortunately for “What the Dog Saw,” the essay format is a better showcase for Gladwell’s talents, because the constraints of length and editors yield a higher ratio of fact to fancy.

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